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  • Who We Are
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  • New Hair Treatment Essence

    For hair compromised by frequent
    chemical treatments It delivers no sicky
    deep nutrition and abundant fragrance


    Meet the best seller of Shuvl professional

    GRAMIX CMC Clinic


    Graphene oxide-infused hair treatment first developed ever

    in the world acts to protect hair from any damages,

    either heat or chemical in addition to the sufficient moisture.

    GRAMIX Cuticle Dr. Shampoo


    96% of nature-derived surfactant cleanses scalp

    and hair in mild way, safely formulated for

    both adults and children.

    GRAMIX Curves Zero 1 & 2


    A Graphene perm that creates firm and elastic waves based on

    Graphene known for 120 times of its elasticity than steel.

    New paradigm,

    Shuvl professional

    Shuvl Professional is the brand that pursues for happy life with happy hairdressing.


    'Graphene', a new innovative material awarded by Nobel prize was first developed ever to

    apply to hair care products that prevent hair damage and transform to beautiful sleek locks.

    The hero products of Shuvl Professional are 'Gramix CMC Clinic' and 'Gramix Cuticle Dr. Shampoo' as the total solution

    to repair, shine and moisture and 'Color School' as all-around color remover.

    They all are sought after among professional hairdressers for their contributing to the easier and convenient in-salon service.


    with SHUVL Professional


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